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Learn to Draw and Paint

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Discover how to transform a small set of watercolor crayons (also called water-soluble pastels) into beautiful works of art. These concentrated sticks of color can be used like oil pastels or watercolor paint, and in this book you'll discover how! 

This 30 page downloadable PDF book includes:

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Watercolor Tutorials

Painting with watercolors is a fun and rewarding experience but getting started can be challenging with all the information available. If you like painting birds, the following tutorials can help you along your artistic journey. They feature step-by-step instructions and loads of my favorite tips and techniques.

Chinese Brush Painting Books

Have you been wanting to learn Chinese Brush painting (Sumi-e) but you have no idea where to start? I have been there and I would love to share with you all the tips and techniques that I learned over the years. I have several downloadable books available:

Looking for inspiration? Check out the videos on my channel where I share my love of art with you. Learn how to create paintings that are fun and capture the spirit of your subject.